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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Made In Pakistan: Pak Energy Ramp

Today is the era of finding new sources of producing free energy. The world population in the year 2100 will be in excess of 12 billion. If the current trends in technological progress & innovation continue, the demand for energy then will be five times greater than what it is now. PAK ENERGY RAMP is the new source of energy production which converts the kinetic energy into electrical energy.

Asif Noor, Arsalan Zafar, Shoaib Altaf, Tehseen Ilahi, Murtaza Mohiuddin & Khusro Bakht are the Engineering Students from Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET), Karachi, designed Pak Energy Ramp in their final year project. They won 1st prize in ALL PAKISTAN SENIOR DESIGN PROJECT COMPETITION PAF K.I.E.T S.E.E 2011. 

The PAK ENERGY RAMP is a system of generating electricity by harnessing the kinetic energy of automobiles that drives over the ramp. This is not a conventional speed ramp because they have added the advantage that they produce energy free of charge.

The Pak Energy Ramp can be placed in the place of Conventional Speed Breakers, as the vehicle passes over the drive system it actuate the alternator through gearbox and flywheel. Kinetic energy is obtain from the motion of vehicles on specially design mechanical structure this is converted into rotation motion and then into electricity. Finally energy is produced which is stored in the battery  for backup . The system is controlled by PLC and monitor on HMI. It can produce 110 watt electricity in One Push. Each car produce electricity of 220 watts.
The main features of this project are given below:
Ø  The main feature of this project is that it produces energy free of cost.
Ø  Its not only reduces the speed but it also produce energy.
Ø  It is easy to implement.
Ø  Replacing the conventional bumps by kinetic ramp we can reduce the energy crisis.
Ø  It is designed in such a way that it does not effect the car performance while passing over it.

The Applications of The Pak Energy Ramp are:-
Ø  In parking lots of shopping malls, super markets, hotels etc.
Ø  Toll plaza is the best place for it.
Ø  In U-turns for street lights and also prevent from wrong turn.
Ø  In the entrance of universities parking.
Ø  In Airports where 24hrs traffic passes.
Ø  All the places where the speed bumps are situated.


Bilal said...

I'm really very happy to see this,its really wonderful,I pray for your success in future,and i recommend you to ask private and government to implement this project country-wide,its best electricity outage solution

Marvelous Pakistan said...

there are many other stars like them in our country and our aim is to promote all of them,and to promote the real beauty of Pakistan, but unfortunately we do not have access to govt. or private institutions to implement this project. we need support of every Pakistani at this time. we want to tell the world that Pakistan is not a terrorist country.

Arsalan Zafar said...

I am loving it