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Monday, 13 June 2011

Made in Pakistan: Air-X Proto

Air-X is a group of students from Air University, Islamabad, Pakistan, designed an electric prototype car named as Air-X Proto, which is going to participate in Shell ECO marathon 2011 Malaysia in July 2011.

Team Air-X while Interviewed by a Private Channel
Team Air-X consists of 8 members which includes Uzair, Rehan, Sheharyar, Zafran, Yasir, Naeem and their Supervisor Mohammad Usman Rafiq. Team Air-X originates from Department of Mechatronics Engineering, Air University, Islamabad, Pakistan. The team members are final year students of B. E. Mechatronics Engineering and the team supervisor is a Lecturer in faculty of Mechatronics Engineering.

CAR is manufactured by using one of the lightest and cheapest materials available at this time in market to reduce the weight and increase efficiency.

This prototype is light weight (less than 30 kg) and cost effective. Some specifications of Air-X proto are as under:

  • Battery of 36 V which draws current of 20 Ah.
  • Mileage per unit of electricity is 150 Kms without brakes it can cross 200 kms.
  • Fully aluminum body.
  • Car seating capacity is of 1 person.
  • Top speed is 40km/h.
  • 1 unit of electricity can be charged in 2 hours, 1 unit is equal to 1000watts, and it costs approx Rs 6 per unit.
  • Battery doesn't gets discharge by itself. The Battery used, are not locally available.
  • It is environment friendly.
  • Total Manufacturing cost of this vehicle is Rupees 2 lac 80 Thousand (Rs. 280,000). 

First Run of Air-X proto
This car can’t be used on roads at this time, because it’s a Prototype and it is designed for F1 tracks only. This is the initial version of this vehicle and it can be more enhanced. For this purpose they need Sponsors. Air-X team can be contacted on their website  We wish Air-X team all the best for Shell ECO marathon 2011, and make Pakistan Proud.
Watch more photos of Air-X proto here


Habibies said...

You Guys Done really great Job...
Gook Luck... :-)

MOHSIN said...

Good luck AIR-X team....:)))))

uzair said...

its max speed is 40km/h
its 180km/kwh
please correct it
and its 1800kms/litre
thank you for promoting us here

Marvelous Pakistan said...

thnx for the correction uzair..:)

Anonymous said...

uzair i think 4400kms/gal is wrong... kindly check it lolXxxx...