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Friday, 28 October 2011

Pakistani wins Oscar of Science and Technology world

Pakistani Athar Osama, who dreams of reviving the Golden Age of Islamic Science, has won an award at an event considered to be the Oscars of Science and Technology on Wednesday night at the UN Building, New York.

Athar Osama has won the World Technology Network (WTN) award for Science and Innovation Media and Journalism from a breathtakingly talented group of people which included USAID Science Adviser Alex Dehgan.
“I feel so blessed to be recognised and honoured by the WTN among the elite of world’s science and technology leaders that will create the world of the future,” an excited Athar told The Express Tribune.
Osama – known for his pioneering work on introducing and popularising the ideas of science and innovation policy through journalism — visions to promote Muslim science through his online journal Muslim-Science.Com.
Osama has been writing extensively on important science and innovation policy themes since 1992, initially for leading English newspapers in Pakistan, and later in international general interest journals and online.
In his acceptance speech in front of an audience at a black-tie reception, he said “We all cannot hope to create a world that is more developed, better, and safer, if we exclude the 1.5 billion Muslims from the fruits of science and technology. Muslim-Science.Com is dedicated to make a contribution in that realm,” according to the released statement.
“It was immensely gratifying and exhilarating,” he added.
Osama received letters of support from COMSTECH Coordinator General Dr Attaur Rahman, Saudi Science Minister Dr Mohammed ibn Ibrahim Al-Suwaiyel and Science Adviser to Malaysian Prime Minister Dr AH Zarki. Athar believes these letters were a significant factor in him winning this award.
He termed the launch of website Muslim-Science.Com as just the beginning. “Our hope is to launch a series of very interesting and important signature initiatives alongside the web portal that will make critical contributions in areas of greatest weaknesses in the science and innovation eco-system in the Islamic World,” Athar added in his speech.
Source: Express Tribune.